Mud Lilies

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Mud Lilies tells the story of Chanie Nyrider. Chanie runs away from her abusive home at the age of fourteen and is turned out as a prostitute by dangerous predators masquerading as friends. Chanie succumbs to her lifestyle until she is arrested at the age of eighteen at which time, she is given two options: jail or a high school program for troubled youth. She reluctantly agrees to go to school so she can maintain her freedom to continue drinking and getting to know her new love interest, Blue. But when her English teacher quotes Victor Hugo, Chanie finds her mind opening in ways she never expected. As Chanie begins to discover her intelligence and potential, Blue proves he is not the man she thought he was. Her home life becomes violent and unstable, and Chanie is torn between her higher and lower self. She tries to balance both worlds at a great cost to her safety. Through the devotion of her teachers, counsellors, and friends, Chanie forges through and finds hope and heroes in the darkest of places.


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